In 2002, an average night of karaoke for the not so average Jamaican beauty, Kristen Kelli Ann McGregor, became the night the 17 year old was renamed and revived as the Reggae/Pop sensation “Kris Kelli”.

           Kris Kelli, born and raised to the Caribbean island of Kingston, Jamaica was discovered that night singing a popular Nelly Furtado song by Nellie’s Manager himself, Chris Smith. Kris’s partnership with Smith quickly led to her addition as an artist to the roster of Fiwi records and the 2003 release of her single “Hide Away”.

           Much of the next 18 months had Kris in the studios working with several top Jamaican producers on her debut album “My World”. This album boasted two tracks including two collaborations with artists Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel. The LP was later released in September of 2006 by Pony Canyon International in Japan and after gaining momentum from fans, was followed with album promotional tours, radio interviews, performances, and photo shoots for magazines in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa.
Kris also filmed 3 music videos for “Step Up”, We’re Missing You , and “Sweet Intro” respectfully  .  “We’re Missing You”(the tribute) became an instant hit and was on the MTV’s Tempo Cross Caribbean countdown top 10 video chart for 13 weeks and peaked at the #2 position for 5 weeks. The video was also nominated for the Best Video for 2007.

           Following through with the planned strategy in 2009 was a year of breakthrough performances, recording more Singles, breaking into new areas (video and record production), filming two music videos and working with Producers that she has not worked with before. Kris Kelli’s video for the Hit Single ‘Kotch Aroun’ ,conceptualized and directed by her, was shot in five (5) locations in and around Kingston. The song Kotch Aroun was nominated by the MP3Awards in the Reggae category and the video was nominated by Carivibez TV in the category of BEST FEMALE VIDEO for 2009. This video was No. 1 on RE TV for five (5) weeks and No. 1 on Carivibez TV for seven (7) weeks; it can be viewed on all the local channels in Jamaica as well as Tempo and BETJ and more. A motivational single “Never Give In” on Don Corleon’s Feminine Riddim was recorded in the last quarter of 2009 and has received a lot of love from the radio DJ’s.

           As one of the hottest new members on the Block Entertainment roster (Yung Jeezy, Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe) Kris Kelli continues to record and collaborate as she rises closer to her destined pop super-star status.